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Our team at Taste of Purple recently ventured out to Napa, CA in search of good wine and better company. Our journey proved to be not only a fun filled adventure with good friends but also an educational experience. Of the many (and trust us many is an understatement) wineries […]

Taste of Purple visits FRIAS Family Vineyard

Tour enough wineries (and trust me this Pearl has) and it becomes harder and harder for them to surprise you. On a recent visit to Long Island’s North and South Fork, I expected to find more of the same. Some met my expectations of the traditional wine tasting experience. Others […]

The Ink Stained Pearl vs Channing Daughters Winery

(Hey you? How do you feel about promo codes? well, you’re in for a treat!!! Stay tuned for one at the end of this article) “Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.” – Chuck Palahniuk wrote that gem. Speaking of gems, “A […]

The Ink Stained Pearl vs Terroir Part 2 (The Dirt ...

(pst! hey you! check out the end of this article for a promo code!) The Ink Stained Pearl vs The Rainbow Nation It’s time for a Pearl Poll! Which ten countries produce the most wine in the world? It sounds easy enough, but after naming the top contenders (France, Italy, […]

The Ink Stained Pearl vs The Rainbow Nation

(stay tuned for a promo code at the end of this article) Recently I attended a blind wine tasting. If you haven’t experienced this, I highly recommend this fun and educational adventure. Each participant receives a sheet of paper to record their notes on different categories: Aroma, Taste, Acidity, Viscosity, […]

The Ink Stained Pearl vs The Wine Aroma Kit