Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Ray of Solace. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. “There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.” There aren’t many quotes that fully encapsulate relationships in so few words like F. Scott […]

The Ink Stained Pearl vs The F Scott Fitzgerald Quote: ...

The Ink Stained Pearl vs The Coloring Book There’s nothing that we love more as human beings than reliving our childhood. For most, it heralds to mind a simpler time without the responsibility and stress that comes with the title of adulthood. So the advent of the “adult coloring book” […]

The Ink Stained Pearl vs The Coloring Book

Consider the following scenario. You’re winding your way through your local grocery store, eager to collect your ingredients for the new Pinterest recipe you’ve discovered (seriously how much do you love Pinterest? It’s like an addictive stimulant! Ok back to my scenario). With every turn and aisle, you find the […]

The Ink Stained Pearl vs The Angry Generation

“How parents interact with each child as he or she enters the family circle determines in great part that child’s final destiny.” Or so says Kevin Leman, author of “The Birth Order Book: Why you are the way you are.” Now any quote that contains the words “final destiny” immediately […]

The Ink Stained Pearl vs the Final Destiny