Lately you can’t walk into a coffee shop, check your Instagram feed, or shop in a Whole Foods without seeing them: Hipsters. Bearded and bespectacled with handmade crocheted hats and a penchant for plaid. Fascinating people watching aside, they are usually up on their food trends: they drink their Kombucha […]

The Ink Stained Pearl vs. Matcha Madness

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Ray of Solace. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. Life is full of decisions. Each day is made up of tiny choices that determine who we are. “What should I wear to work today?” may seem like a simple […]

The Ink Stained Pearl vs The Tough Decisions

Consider the following scenario. You’re winding your way through your local grocery store, eager to collect your ingredients for the new Pinterest recipe you’ve discovered (seriously how much do you love Pinterest? It’s like an addictive stimulant! Ok back to my scenario). With every turn and aisle, you find the […]

The Ink Stained Pearl vs The Angry Generation